Monday, January 11, 2010

Parenting Chronicles - Sleep, What's That Again?

The last 48 hours have been like going from 0-90 mph. From waiting for a week for little Addison to be born to 24 hours a day caring for her has been quite the change for the Gafford family. For probably the first time in the past 3 years I didn't get on a computer or even pick up my phone. Even I was surprised. When asked today if I had gotten a text from someone, I couldn't even remember where my phone was. Our lifestyle has changed for sure.

Our first night was a night full of wondering and trusting. For the first time parent, there's always the question of what is really going on in that crib across the room. When you hear a sound, you jump up and wonder if there's something you need to take care of. When you don't hear a sound, you jump up and wonder if there's anything you should be taking care of. I'm pretty sure if you all were able to be a fly on the wall that it would have been quite the comedy. Mommy & Daddy Gafford have been learning how to sleep when Addison sleeps and all of the things that she likes when she's awake. As I type this, it's dad's shift and Addison is sleeping in the basinet next to me all snuggled up like a burrito. One of my new favorite devices that I didn't know existed prior to this week is the hook & loop swaddling blanket. (I would say "velcro" blanket here, but you 3M'ers have educated me all too well. I thank Jeff Jackson and Brian Burquest for this.) Addison loves to be swaddled, and it just so happens that her dad is an expert burrito maker. The ability seems to transfer quite well.

Today we had a great time checking in with the birthparents. They visited with us for a bit this afternoon and were greeted by a bright eyed baby girl. We had fun laughing at passed gas, most of which came from the baby. :) It has been good for all of us to have a relationship where we can visit and stay in touch. Melissa and I look forward to a future where Addison can know her birthparents.

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