Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Next Stop: Kindergarten!

Our big girl got just a bit bigger today!  This was her last day of pre-K and graduation this evening.  I asked her this morning if she was sad that today was her last day.  Her response: "No, I've been waiting for this day my whole entire life!"  I don't think she meant for it to sound the way it did... at least not this early in her education career.  She has loved every minute of the year with her two fantastic teachers.

Addison with Ms. Holly

Addison with Ms. Michelle

(Can you tell it was Red, White, and Blue day at school today?)

Here are some of my favorites from tonight's graduation...

On the way home we were talking about how she's a kindergartener now.  "Mom, am I kindergartening next week?"  "No kiddo, no kindergartening until August.  Sorry."