Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blasts from the past

Happy new year to you all! I hope your holidays all went well. I, for one enjoyed a very relaxing Christmas break.

My parents just sent a CD of family slides they'd just converted to digital. I just browsed through them and got a real kick out of them. I thought I'd post a few for your enjoyment. Some of you may recognize some other faces in these pictures...

Little Me on a beach somewhere... Great tans came so easily back then...

My very first trip to Disney World. Winnie the Pooh made me a little nervous.
Older bro, Mike doesn't seem too shy, though!

I just thought this picture was hilarious. I'd like to know what was going on that put those expressions on our faces! My first guess was Christmas morning, but those are no warm footie pajamas we're wearing... It's got to be spring or summer.

Little me with my favorite cousin, Kristen (VanHarken-Hofer).
We were two peas in a pod back then.

I'm sure all you ladies remember the pink foam rollers.
It makes my head hurt just looking at this picture.
This was a Saturday night ritual for us.