Monday, January 04, 2010

Adoption Chronicles - The back story, pt. 10

Fortunately we'd decided ahead of time to split our trip up into two days. David's mom and dad offered to meet us for the night at a hotel just off the turnpike in Ohio. We enjoyed dinner together at a nearby Greek family restaurant (the only one in town). Then we spent the remainder of the evening hanging out at the hotel watching Allie do things like this:

The next morning we enjoyed our continental breakfast together before loading back up and hitting the road again. Here are David and his parents with Allie before our departure.

When we got back on the turnpike we stopped to collect our ticket for the toll road and lo and behold the IPass was working. So for the remainder of our trip we were able to drive on the tollway "hassle free".

Day two of our drive seemed to go a lot faster than day one. Granted it was fewer hours on the road, but those hours seemed to pass a lot faster. I got a lot of use out of David's iPhone, making frequent updates to Facebook and enjoying the various apps he'd downloaded. I also made up a game to play with David where I chose a song on my ipod and awarded him 5 points if he could name the artist and 10 points if he could name the title of the song. This was great entertainment for quite some time until he got to about 275 points and realized he didn't know what the points were good for. We're still negotiating the terms of my point system, but I did award him a point for every mile driven on this trip (nearly 1000 so far), and promised 100 points/wet diaper and 500 points/poopy diaper. For some reason that doesn't seem to entice him at all!

We arrived at Mom and Dad's house just before dinner. Later that evening our birthparents stopped over to see us and say hello. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief that we'd made it in time, and the baby was officially given clearance to come any time now.

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