Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Foliage and Friends

 The fall colors are quite vibrant this week and when we were blessed with a beautiful day yesterday with not-too-cold temperatures we decided it would be a great idea to grab some of our favorite friends and head to Holliday Park for a little photo shoot.  I think this might have to be an annual tradition.  We did the same thing two years ago with Addison but somehow missed it last year due to a sleep-deprived mom brain I guess. 

 Addison and Ethan with their favorite little baby buddy, Jackson.

 Mommy is almost too short to do this pose...

Thanks Beth and Dylan for snapping a few pictures for us!  We would have invited you to come along even if we didn't require your assistance. :-)  We just love your company!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Apple Orchard 2014

 We braved the fierce cold October temperatures and ventured out to Tuttle Orchards with Grandma and Grandpa Gafford this morning for our annual visit. 

First stop: apple donuts... yum!

We have to measure how much we've grown this year!

Poor Ethan in his too-big puffy winter coat.  He reminded me of Ralphie on "A Christmas Story".

 And he's had about enough of this!  Addison looks a little guilty in the background but I promise she's innocent. :-)

Addison had a little bit of a wardrobe issue... her leggings were hay-magnets.  She "might" have taken her pants off as soon as we got in the van and rode home in her panties...

Ethan looks SO chubby with that coat on!

Helping Daddy pick an apple.

"I'm going to just sit here and hold this apple.  Because I can't get up...even if I tried."

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to the orchard!  We had a lot of fun!