Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Week Home & All Is Well

Upon arriving at home we were joined by my (David's) parents and we just had to post a few pictures of our little baby with her grandparents.

Addison had her first doctor appointment yesterday, and all seems to be great with our little girl. Melissa and I even had the privilege of getting our H1N1 shot while we were there. It was strange for me to go to Addison's appointment and have us be the ones who came away with a shot, but such is the price of parenting. (Ok, so we got the nasal kind, but the shot sounds so much better for blogging.)

Tonight I also got a little present from Addison during her bath. I was holding her in her towel after she had just finished a lovely warm bath which she throughly enjoyed, and I felt something warm... Addison decided to leave a little mustard like substance for me that proceeded to slightly ooze with the pull of gravity and proceed down my shirt. I now officially feel like a dad. :) We decided not to post a picture of this momentus event.


Sandy Beardsley said...

Hey David...yup it's official now...your dad. Addision has christened you. Newborn poops are always the worst. Thanks for not posting a pic of that treasured moment either. Much appreciated. ;-)

angie leverence said...