Sunday, October 18, 2009

Staining Day!

After the snow that we were "blessed" with earlier in the week, we were beginning to wonder if we'd ever be able to finish the huge task of staining our house before winter officially hit. Fortunately the weather warmed up for the weekend and we were able to bribe our friends with food in exchange for their manual labor! We're not finished yet, and there are still a couple places that are just out of our reach. However, we got a LOT accomplished today thanks to Scott, Kerri, Jimmy, Bryan, Ryan, and Jen. We just may be able to finish this job after all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adoption Update

We shared earlier in the summer that we'd started the adoption process. Since I wasn't working during the summer, we were able to push through the home study process more quickly than normal. As the home study is nearly complete, the next step would normally be for us to put our profile into a pool from which prospective birthparents could choose us. However, God had different plans for our adoption...

We won't be placing our profile into a pool. God has matched us with a baby all on his own. And she's coming in just a couple of short months, due at the end of December. It has been truly amazing to witness God's hand through this whole process. I look forward to sharing more of our story over the coming months.
In the mean time, we're busily trying to prepare for her arrival. So I have a question for you... What baby products can I not do without? I would love to hear your suggestions!