Saturday, January 09, 2010

Adoption Chronicles: Home With The Family...

Today was a day of mixed emotions for everyone involved, for today was the day to leave the hospital. Melissa and I drove over to meet both birthmom and birthdad this morning, and a couple of hours later, the 5 of us climbed into our car together to head for home. It was bittersweet for us. We were so excited to have Addison coming home with us and at the same time sad for the birthparents who have become great friends to us. Birthmom and birthdad begin a new journey today also, and I'm sure would appreciate your prayers. Melissa and I are both extremely proud of them for choosing life for Addison in a society where it could have easily gone another direction. Making the hard decision to go through this entire process with awkward days in high school, sleepless nights, restless days, and the pain of childbirth is truly a sacrifice. As the two of you embark upon the next stage of life, know that Melissa and I will always be grateful for the sacrifice that you made to bring this child into our lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

For us, it was an exciting time of meeting mom and dad Liddick at the front door with video and still cameras flashing away documenting our arrival with this precious little bundle of joy. As soon as we arrived home, it was diaper and feeding time for the baby before a very important introduction to the other member of our family. Grandma Liddick stepped up to the plate to change the first diaper here at the Liddick house while Melissa got the bottle ready and David settled down the dog for her introduction.

We took a video of Allie's introduction to Addison for you all to enjoy with us, but are having trouble posting it. Maybe next time. So far it looks like she's going to be a good big "sister".

Following Addison's meeting with Allie, it was time for settling in. I got to hold Addison for an hour in the family room, and I had my first experience with a Boppy. I must say, I had no idea what it was prior to having a baby in the house, but now i'm sure I couldn't live without it. I wonder how my mom held me for hours on end without a Boppy? :) Melissa took the second shift, and it looks like it's time for the family to settle down for a little NFL playoff madness. The Bengals and the Jets are about to kickoff as I write this, and I must take my leave. I'm not going to miss my daughter's first NFL game!


angie leverence said...

So wonderful! Amazing pictures! Thanks for posting!!!

Jessica Sheets said...

You're right, David! The Boppy is one of the greatest inventions and I'm so glad to be able to have kids AFTER they were introduced and tested a few years! :-) I LOVE my Boppy! Really, I do!:-)

On a more important note (actually the boppy IS highly important to your daily comfort with an infant), congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! She'll wrap herself around your little finger so fast, David, that you won't know what hit you! Just wait until she sings with you! :-)

Mel, I am fighting back tears just imagining all the emotions you've been and are experiencing as you hold this baby in your arms. It is the most amazing responsibility and the most rewarding sacrifice you will ever make as you nurture and guide this baby girl as she grows. Just wait until she mimics you by pretending to clean or brush her hair. Oh, and from the teacher's perspective, it will amaze you what she picks up on and you will be almost giddy with all the teachable moments you will get to share with her! :-)

God has blessed Addison with some very special parents. She will do great things for Him, I pray.

I am praying for rest for both of you. Sleep is elusive at the beginning, but God can still bring you rest amidst those few hours each night. It's an indescribable feeling to be truly needed. It makes you more aware of how amazing our Heavenly Father is.

You probably fell asleep reading this! :-)

Love you ALL!


Kristen said...

That is so awesome. I am so happy for you both! Thank God for people willing to sacrifice their own comfort for life. Congratulations to your family!

B,P,R,S & L said...

So happy for the both of you! It makes me love our 3 girlies so much more when I read your story of receiving the gift of your daughter. God bless!

robbie said...

I am at the same time overwhelmed by God's goodness to such deserving people, and in awe of the selfless love shown by Addison's birthparents. It is truly the closest thing to sacrificial Christlike love Todd and I ever expereinced when we adopted our two. I am so happy for you and while I know the long wait seemed so difficult, how cool to see God's perfect timing come to completion. She is a blessed little girl to have so many love her and care for her. Congratulations! Amy Witt

Holly said...

David and are truly blessed. What a gorgeous little girl for two amazing people. Trying not to cry as I read through your post today. I have also been keeping the birth parents in my prayers and admire them. God is truly awesome!

Sandy said...

Very nice pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Liddick.