Sunday, January 31, 2010

Addison's first trip to school!

I took Addison to school on Friday to meet my students and some of my colleagues. Kerri, my sub had prepped my class that we were coming, so they were instantly silent the second we walked in. Addison had fallen asleep on the drive there so she stayed cozy in her carrier for a little bit while I greeted small groups and let them come get a closer look. They've been greatly anticipating this little girl ever since I told them about her several months ago. It was fun to see their reactions and hear their comments. I gave them a chance to ask questions about her and that was pretty entertaining as well.

I think her first day of school wore her out though. Between that outing and the small group party we had at the house that evening, she was so tired that she slept the whole night through. She fell asleep in the Pack 'n Play downstairs so I decided to start the night out sleeping on the recliner until her 1:00 bottle at which time we'd both move up to the bedroom. However, she didn't ask for that bottle until 6:00! Too bad I wasted that long night in a recliner when I could have been in bed!


Sandy Beardsley said...


I bet your students were absolutely thrilled by Addison's visit. I know when I taught, my students at the time were thrilled when I brought my son(s) in for a visit. And I can just imagine some of their comments/questions too. Kids say the funniest things sometimes. Take Care.


Aunt Sue Billbe said...

Melissa, I can imagine the kids
eyes were wide and mouths wide
open. I love the pictures.

Aunt Sue Billbe