Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Adoption Chronicles - The back story, pt. 11

Who knew this back story would have so many parts to it! We thought we'd be writing about an actual baby by now. So sorry to disappoint you with more back story when you're all so eagerly awaiting news of her arrival, but we want to at least post something in the mean time!

After our first night of sleep in NY, the first couple of days were mostly spent hanging out with Melissa's parents (our gracious hosts for the next ? weeks). We did some shopping, saw some movies (2 thumbs up for Avatar in IMAX 3-D), ate out, played Wii, etc. On Wednesday morning our birthparents took us to the George Eastman House. (George Eastman was the founder of the Eastman Kodak company). We enjoyed a tour of the house and got a kick out of seeing all of the old cameras in the museum. Wednesday was baby's due date so I think we were all hoping that walking around the house and museum might spur on some action, but alas the day came and went with no baby. Later that afternoon Melissa was able to accompany the birthparents and grandma to her OB appointment. All seemed well and an ultrasound was scheduled for the next day.

That evening both birthparents' families came over to the house for a delicious dinner prepared by Melissa's mom. It was a beautiful evening of fellowship and getting to know some of the members of the families that we hadn't had a chance to meet yet.

The next Day Melissa and her mom were given the opportunity to be present for the ultrasound. Though it was exiting to see pictures of the baby in person, we were really wishing to just see the real thing!


The Claar Family said...

Not sure if I missed this anywhere in the chronicles :) but are you two planning on being in the room for delivery?
How cool that you not only know the birth parents, you have this relationship growing stronger every extra day your baby hangs out "in the belly". I know you can't wait though...we're all excited too!!

Melissa said...

Amy, I will be in the delivery room but not David. That's partly why we were so desperate to get here in time. Didn't want to miss that opportunity!