Saturday, January 02, 2010

Adoption Chronicles - The back story, pt. 8

Melissa's last day of school was Tuesday, December 22nd. From that point on, she was ready to be in New York. She'd been given the rare invitation to be present and witness the birth of our first child and did not want to miss out on this opportunity. An 18 hour drive stood between her and our soon-t0-be-daughter.

However, being Director of Worship Arts for our church, David had a lot of responsibility with the Christmas eve services and really wasn't free to get away until those were completed. Not a huge problem; the baby wasn't due until the 30th. So we'd planned to just leave Christmas morning for our two day journey to New York.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the week, the weather reports were looking bleak. They were calling for "The Worst Blizzard since Halloween of '91." Reports were predicting possibly up to 2 feet of snow in parts of Minnesota between Tuesday and Saturday. Great! It would keep us from getting on the road, and once we finally did, it would travel the whole way to NY with us. Super!

Many well-intentioned friends advised us to leave early and beat the storm. Easier said than done. David couldn't exactly just abandon the Christmas eve services without reason to believe that our baby was coming early. We resolved ourselves to just stick it out and trust that God would continue to be in the details of our adoption. He'd certainly taken care of things this far... why on earth would he stop short of this?

The snow came... and came... and came... Christmas morning we woke up to rain. Huh! We weren't exactly expecting that. The good thing was that we got about an inch of rain instead of 10 inches of snow. The bad news was that the inch of rain on the 6 inches of snow that was already in our driveway made for very difficult clearing. The snowblower couldn't handle the slush and our backs couldn't handle the weight of the snow in our shovels. David pulled a muscle in his back pretty bad trying to sling snow over the already tall mounds and had to go in to apply heat. Melissa kept at it, feeling as though it was the one thing standing in her way of getting on the road. Must - get - out - of - the - driveway!

Christmas Eve 2009

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