Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Parenting Chronicles - Code Brown... First Attempt

We've all been wondering when the day would come for David to change his first diaper, and apparently today was the day. He's always told me that poopy diapers were going to be an issue as David has a terrible gag reflex. He always joked that the only way he'd be able to do it was with a gas mask. However, following my nap and his 2 hour stint with Daddy duty, this daddy decided it was time to attempt to change some doody. He handed me the cameras and we ventured up to the bedroom. Even once he confirmed that it was in fact a dirty diaper and not just gas, he still ventured forward with utmost confidence, never once asking for relief from me. Addison cooperated as well as she could, waiting to fuss until the very end even though she does not care at all for changing times. And now I share with you his trophy picture signifying the completion of Daddy's first-ever poopy diaper change.

Addison's onesie reads "Daddy loves me" and that certainly must be the case for him to be able to do what he did. (By the way, if you've been following my "point system" that got started en route to NY, true to my word, I did reward David with his 500 points for this poopy diaper!) Way to go, Daddy! We're so proud of you!


Liz said...

My husband, Chris, and I attend Five Oaks. He had told me in passing that you were trying to adopt and just today he sent me the link to your blog. I spent quite a while reading through your story and found myself in tears of joy at the precious baby God has placed in your arms in such a way as only He can do. Congratulations! You are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

This has been great to read. It is amazing to hear "the other side" and I am so grateful Addison is with a loving family. I am the bio Great-Aunt of Addison and what a lucky little lady she is. She has two families who love her and are grateful for the blessing she brings. Enjoy her and keep us posted! She is beautiful!!

Jessica Sheets said...

David, Stevan has a heightened gag reflex, as well! Oh the stories I could tell you!:-) If he can do it, you can do it! Kudos, Daddy!