Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Real Egg Hunt

Addison and Allie did their Easter Egg hunt tonight after dinner.  When Daddy has to be at church by 6:00 a.m., some things are better to just do a day in advance.  The big eggs had individual treats for Addison and the little eggs had dog food for Allie.  Each girl carried her own basket to collect the eggs.

 Addison's first Peep.  As expected, she loved it.

A Day at the Zoo

Today was the last day of our zoo membership and fortunately the weather was gorgeous so we were able to get back over there and enjoy one more visit.  Addison's favorite part was the dog show.  It was cute, as we were waiting for the "dog show" to begin Addison asked where the TV was.  Apparently she thinks that any type of show requires a TV.

 This picture is a failed shot but it still cracks me up.  The trainer did a summer-sault and the dog jumped over her.  It just looks weird.

Can you tell she was jumping with excitement?

The bouncy bridge on the way to the Rhinos... Addison's other favorite part of the zoo.

Practice Egg Hunting

 Yesterday after rest time, Addison and I did a couple of rounds of practice Easter Egg hunting around the back yard.  Most of the snow is melted but the ground is really squishy so Addison was excited to be able to wear her rain boots (that are still one size too big). 

After she found them all, she decided to hide some in her sandbox for me to find.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Thursday, March 28, 2013


We have been blessed with a little girl who is constantly making us laugh.  Better yet, she's not like me when I was her age and she doesn't usually mind it when we do laugh.  (I on the other hand would run off crying if my parents laughed at anything I said or did).

Before I tell you the funny thing she just said, it would probably help for you to know that she went to the dentist yesterday for her 6 month check-up.

So, we're in the kitchen and Addison is staying busy at the table playing with a bowl of snow from outside, a couple of spoons, a bunch of marbles, and a plastic frog.... and her imagination.  I'm at the counter beginning dinner preparations.  First things first, I'm shredding some cabbage.

Addison:  What are you cutting?

Me:  Cabbage

Addison:  If I don't brush my teeth I will get cabbage in my teeth.

Me:  If you don't brush your teeth you will get cavities in your teeth.

Addison:  If I don't brush my teeth I will get cabbagies in my teeth.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We're a Disney family... Even the dog

I just looked over to find Allie cuddled up with (smothering) Mickey and Minnie. Pretty cute, I think.

**Update: a little while later she shifted positions and this one's even better in my opinion.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


29.... The number of times Addison can spin before collapsing in a pile on the floor.  I get dizzy just watching her.  I think she has a future in ballet or figure skating; how about you?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shaving The Lord

This is Minnie Mouse. She came to church with us this morning. Addison and I were debating on the car ride there whether Minnie could go to class with her or if she'd have to stay in my purse. Addison quickly reminded me that Minnie went to class with her last week. Then she proceeded to tell me "She put her hands up like this and shaved The Lord". What now? Again she repeated, "She put her hands up like this and was shaving The Lord." "Do you mean praising The Lord?" I asked. "Yeah that. She was praising The Lord."

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Winter 2012's Last Snow

 If it snows again this winter, it's my fault for making this bold claim.  Now that I no longer live in Minnesota, I feel confident (hopeful) that this was the last snow of the winter.  We made it out three different times today to play in the snow.  I can enjoy snow so much more when I can smell spring on the horizon.  In my mind, I feel like spring is only a week away.  Maybe I'll be disappointed and have another month or so of winter to endure, but the hope of spring is getting me through.  Bring on the spring!!!

Little surprises

Sometimes when you have a three year old sharing the kitchen with you, you open the dishwasher to unload it and find treasures like this... That I'm pretty sure arrived before the dishwasher ran.

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