Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minnesota or bust, pt. 1

We're on our way. "Only" 1000 miles to go! Addison had a bottle just before leaving so we may be good for a few hours. We're hoping to get as far as Howe, IN today and finish the rest of the way tomorrow. I didn't get much sleep last night so hopefully I'll still be able to help keep David entertained. We appreciate your prayers for this journey!

We've had a great time on this trip. It has truly been life changing, obviously. We really enjoyed meeting most of Addison's birth families while we were here and will be lifting them up in prayer as they're missing our little one. We are really excited to begin this next chapter as the new and improved Gafford family!

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Sandy said...

It was a very beautiful ceremony on Sunday. Both of you were incredibly gracious to all of Josh and Nicole's families. Prayers are definitely with you as you travel back to Minnesota. Looks like the weather is much better for your return trip then they were coming to New York. Praise the Lord for that!! :-)