Saturday, January 23, 2010

Minnesota or Bust - Pt. 4

Our final day of driving towards the great state of Minnesota was relatively uneventful, and we were thankful. This little girl is a good traveler, and gave us about 3 hours between bottles as we drove. As we approached Chicago for the first bottle, she was nearing her 3 hour time limit, but she was sleeping like a log, so we decided to keep plodding on. Wouldn't you know it that she decided to wake up just on the south side of Chicago where there isn't any place to pull over... Melissa decided to give her a bottle in her car seat while I tried to find a place for us to stop so we could commence with the burping. About halfway through the bottle we found an Oasis where we were able to finish off her meal.

This brought us back to around lunchtime, and it just so happened that my parents had never had a Portillo's Hot Dog before, so it was time to introduce mom and dad to the classic Chicago hot dog. Following lunch, we kept moving along and it looked like we were on track for a dinnertime arrival home.

We stopped at Culvers for our afternoon break and dog walk and learned that not all Culvers have the 2-4pm happy hour. How disappointing! Cmon Wisconsin Culvers! Concrete Mixers = great way to stay awake while driving.

Overall, the weather coming home was fantastic. I don't think we saw snow a single time on our trip. Thanks for your prayers everyone!

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