Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 The kids are in bed sleeping.  The mess from the day is (mostly) cleaned up.  My belly is full of warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream.  And I'm sitting here unloading my camera of the pictures from today.  We are a blessed family.  Though this year has been full of trials and disappointments, though this month has been full of germs and sickness, we are a blessed family.  God is so good.  Even when He makes us wait on Him.  Even when times are difficult.  God is good.  All the time.  God has continually shown us his GOODNESS, and BLESSING, and LOVE this season and we must remember it, even on the tough days... especially on the tough days.

Here are some pictures of our blessings...

 The kids looking beautiful and handsome on Christmas Eve before heading into church.

Last night we thought our little drama queen would enjoy acting out the Christmas story as a family.  In case you missed the video we posted on Facebook last night, you can watch it here.  When we made the video I originally had no intention of it being something we would post online; I just thought it would be something Addison would like watching.  But once we saw it, it was just so perfect and special and beautiful we couldn't help but post it for others to see.  There are so many little things about it that I adore.  I'm so glad we did it and I look forward to making new versions in future years.

Some of you are aware that our dog Allie is probably in her final phase of life.  She's been having health issues and an actual diagnosis will cost hundreds of dollars (maybe more) that we just can't afford right now.  She's 10 1/2 and has lived a long wonderful life with us.  It's been tough watching her struggle and feeling the weight of the decisions we have ahead of us.  But today our blessing was that Christmas brought out the puppy in Allie.  A side of her that we haven't seen in a long time.  She was all over the kids' stockings.  She was going to town on that Busy Bone we gave her.  And she didn't once walk away from the festivities to beg us for a bowl of water.  You may not realize how much of a miracle that was.  But believe me, it was.

Though her face looks like we've asked her to smile for the camera (and therefore she's making a weird face), Addison was SUPER excited about the Anna and Elsa dolls that came from Santa.  These two will be attached to her hip for the next month at least.

Ethan got a musical zoo train from Santa.  Sissy was a big help in opening his presents.

Trying out the Little Einsteins globe.  "We can go anywhere with Rocket!"

Ethan is opening up some new plates and bowls and Allie is secretly wondering if there's any water for her to drink out of them. :)

Addison just tested out Ethan's Jack-in-the-box.  That little thing has given those two a lot of laughs today.

Checking out Ethan's new firetruck.

Really happy girl to have her very own Kindle!  Just what she wanted! 

This was a different kind of Christmas for us this year.  Different, but not bad.  Different, and in many ways perhaps better.  We've witnessed incredible generosity from many friends and also some we don't even know.  People, whose obedience to God's call have made impossible things possible for us.  For that we are humbled and eternally grateful.  Thank you God, and thank you to the many who have abundantly blessed us this past month.