Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keeping little hands busy

There are days when I'm so thankful for Pinterest and all of the wonderful ideas I get for activities to do with Addison. This afternoon we stuck spaghetti noodles into a blob of play dough and strung Cheerios on the noodles.

Then once the Cheerios became a snack we switched to pony beads.

If I was still working it would probably only make me sad because I wouldn't have the time to do this fun stuff. I'm so thankful for this opportunity I have to be home with Addison right now.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Water Play

We had some fun after nap time mixing colored water and transferring water to different containers. At first she was fascinated by mixing colors and was beyond thrilled when she made her favorite purple.

Then we got out paintbrushes and painted with our now black water on the patio.

It wasn't long before she started pouring water from bowl to bowl to bowl until it was eventually all on the ground.

I have a feeling I'm about to be going through a lot of food coloring...

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Friday, August 03, 2012

Liddick Family Photoshoot

 And now..... the 2012 edition of the Liddick family portraits!

 Not too bad for a timer and a tripod :-)  
We had to take these pictures at the park in the shade to find the color green for a background.

Can't take a picture with kids without also taking a silly one :-)

 Matthew, Brianne, Brogan, and Payton Liddick

 The Grandkids

 David, Melissa, and Addison

 Michael, Marlena, and Jacob

Mom and Dad
A.K.A. Grandma and Grandpa
A.K.A. Joe and Esther

Children's Museum

 We also took a day to check out the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  It was fun, but incredibly busy that day.  There was also a new section geared for Addison and Brogan's age group that wasn't due to open for two more days, so I was a little sad that we missed out on that.  Next time, I guess.

Jacob giving Addison bunny ears, and just to be fair also giving them to himself. :-)

 Daddy, reliving his childhood in the Hot Wheels exhibit

 Look out!  A Polar Bear!

 Playing with the Legos

 Addison driving the Lego race car

Addison driving the non-Lego race car

Indianapolis Zoo

 We took the crew to the Indy Zoo for a hot and steamy time visiting the animals.  Since we got an annual pass this year, this is probably our 4th trip out to the zoo this year.  It's fun because Addison remembers a lot from one visit to the next.  She always remembers the bouncy bridge to go see the Rhinos.  I'm pretty sure that bouncy bridge is her favorite part of the zoo. :-)

 Matt, Brogan, and Payton

 Silly face

 Jacob feeding the giraffe

 Addison feeding the giraffe

 Marlena feeding the giraffe

Brogan and Addison checking out the fish

 Riding the carousel

 Cooling off at the splash pad.  Addison was apparently quite thirsty.

 Addison loving on baby Payton