Sunday, May 20, 2007

Look at these cuties!

It's confirmed!

He came back today and actually came over to our side of the pond. It is definitely a Blue Heron. I took about 50 pictures of him. I kept waiting for him to fly away so I could get a shot of his wing span, but he never did... until after I put the camera away. I did get a couple of him catching his dinner though...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I wonder why our grass won't grow....

This spring we had to plant grass seed in a large section of the back yard. We've been very dilligent at watering twice a day and were very perplexed why we weren't seeing any results. Well, right here are a few of the culprits. The geese keep bringing their goslings to our yard to feed on all of our grass seed. There are at least two families of geese that frequent our yard all throughout the day. Not only do they take our grass seed, they leave their own deposits to show us their thanks. I'm already cleaning up the yard after a dog, but now I've got two families of geese to clean up after as well.

In other news, we've both been very, very busy lately (thus the long lapse in blogging). David's been working like a maniac trying to get everything together for the Hudson, WI campus that the church will be starting in September. I've got less than three weeks left of school before summer break. I've enjoyed my year and my students, but I'm excited about having a break. I have an online class that I need to take in order to get my Minnesota teaching license, but other than that it should be a pretty relaxing summer. (Knock on wood...)

I have to confess, I've become a bit of a bird watcher lately. With the pond in the back yard, there's a lot of wildlife around that we've never been used to seeing before. Last night we were on the phone with David's sister, Julie, and it was like "Animal Planet" all of a sudden. There was this ENORMOUS bird that appeared in the pond. I tried to take some pictures of it, but I was zoomed in so far, they didn't turn out that great. After some research in my new Minnesota Bird Guide (I'm a geek), I've decided that it was either a Sandhill Crane or a Blue Heron. I'm leaning towards the Blue Heron. I keep watching for it to come back so I can hopefully get a better look at it. I got a pretty good picture of our Egret. He's a regular in our backyard pond.