Thursday, September 05, 2013

Adoption Day

Today was adoption finalization day for Ethan!  He is now fully and legally a Gafford.  I love that Addison thinks she remembers her adoption day simply because she's seen the pictures so often.  She was so excited to walk through the process again with baby brother.  At one point she said, "Adoption is just so much fun!"  

 Ethan was especially handsome for his big day.  He was also a barrel of laughs and smiles throughout the morning.  Except for the 10 minutes we were in the courtroom.  He slept through it all.  Better that than crying!

Had to get some cute pictures of the siblings before changing out of the dress clothes...

This was right before he spit up down his tie and belly...

 And this happened right after I wiped him clean.  I think his blood curdling cries startled Addison and she might have feared she'd caused his tears or something.  Of course I hurriedly put the camera down to come to their aid...  Oh wait...  I think we can all agree this was a Kodak moment :)

We were so happy to be finalizing close to family this time!  It was nice having Grandma and Grandpa's support in the courtroom this morning.

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