Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Photo Shoot

It was VERY cold, but we managed to get some pretty great family pictures taken. Wish we had Mike, Jen, and the kids there so the family could have been complete!

Liddick Thankmas 2007

We had the privilege of hosting the Liddick family Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration this year. Unfortunately due to the massive number of miles between Minnesota and Arizona we were short one branch of the family tree (missing older brother, Mike and family), but the six remaining members of the family had a great time together. Mom and Dad and Matt and Brianne all arrived (separately) on Wednesday just moments (literally) after David delivered and set up a king sized bed that had been given to us. (Mom and Dad were grateful because it meant no sofa-bed). Dad instantly took to the Nintendo Wii and was a bowling/golfing fool all weekend. Thursday morning Matt, Brianne, and David went to play in our church's anual "Turkey Bowl" while mom and I started cooking the feast. We had a slight problem with the digital timer telling us the turkey was done an hour early, but we just tied it back up, threw it back in the oven for a while, and it turned out absolutely delicious.

Hours of fun with the Wii was had by all.

Allie was pretty worn out from all the excitement. She sat still for an amazing amount of time while "Aunt Brianne" played with her new camera.

We did a little bit of shopping on Friday (no door busters) and went to see "August Rush" in the afternoon. It was a great movie, but definitely a tear-jerker. Saturday was spent packing, playing Wii, a tour of my school, and the Saturday service at church and then the family hit the road for their very long drives back to New York and Kentucky.

It was a great weekend together. Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, and Brianne for making the trip!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Elementary graffiti

I found this written on one of my classroom walls when I was cleaning up the other day. I don't know whether to be flattered or offended that I then had to clean it up. David said I should be flatterfended. I'm just glad it was written in pencil and not something more permanent. I can think of a lot worse things to find written on my wall. I know this kind of behavior is nothing to encourage, but it did make me smile a little.