Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Minnesota or bust, pt. 3

We successfully accomplished the first leg of the trip yesterday, arriving in Howe, IN just around 4:30, just in the nick of time for the next bottle. Mom and Dad Gafford arrived shortly after, excited to meet their new granddaughter (#4) for the first time. Since Addison was then content with a full tummy, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and head for dinner. I (Melissa) grew up just off of this exit and haven't really been back much in the nearly 14 years since moving away. We still didn't end up getting into Sturgis but we did eat at an old family favorite, Golden Buddha.

After dinner, David sent me off to his parents room for a wonderful 3 hour nap before bedtime. He and his parents stayed in our room with Allie and Addison while I had the most sound 3 hours of sleep I'd had in a while.

Now here we are on day two of our trip, with David's parents following behind. It will be another full day of driving but we are really looking forward to finally being in the comfort of our own home!


Sandy said...

Glad to hear that the first part of your journey home went so well. F.y.i.: 3 hours of sleep at one time for a parent of a newborn is nearly unheard of. But you've probably already been told that several times. :-) Soo glad that Melissa was able to get some good sleep. It makes all the difference. I"m excited for you to get back home too. There is no place like home!!! Blessings!!!

Ms. Brenner said...

The Buddah! Yea!

Loving the blog entries by the way!

angie leverence said...

The Golden Buddha!!! If you could have only known my tradition of putting my finger in Buddha's belly button...I see from the picture you were right there next to him. Oh well. Maybe next time.