Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to our first home tour

Come on in, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

To your right you'll find the 1/2 bath. See post below for before and after pictures.

To your left you'll find a living room that hasn't been finished yet. Don't go in there. All you'll find is boxes, a vacuum cleaner, and a couple of other random things.

Continue to the right down the short hall and you've come to the kitchen/family room area.

This picture is taken from the family room. See the post below for before and after pictures. The doorway to the right takes you to the 3 seasons porch which leads to the deck. The porch isn't ready for you to see it yet. It's full of tools and boxes right now. Maybe another time.

Hey, check out that nice new microwave! All it needs now is a stainless steel oven/range to match (and refrigerator and dishwasher...).

Through that entryway, you'll come to the dining room. See the post below to see before and after pictures of it. See that stack of boxes in the back? That's the living room; I told you not to go in there:-)

And that's the main floor, which is all I can let you see so far. There's much work yet to be done upstairs and in the basement. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the delightful tour. We enjoyed ourselves completely. Looks like you've done a ton of work and it's beautiful. Enjoy.

Love, U. Glenn & A. Linda

Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Everything looks beautiful! I know it has been a lot of work - and soon you will be able to sit down and put your feet up and not think about boxes and tools that have to be put away!

The Hofer Fam said...

It looks beautiful. So much open space. We rented this time so all we had to do was move it...not fix stuff.
Love ya

jimmy&amie said...

your house looks amazing!!! i cant wait to see it in person tomorrow! good work gaffords!