Sunday, September 07, 2008

Renovation Update #6

In a new house, it seems like it takes forever to get internet and cable and the like installed, and in our case it hasn't been any different. Our apologies for the delay in this post but internet is hard to come by at the moment.

There have been many things that we could write about that have happened, but tonight we'll focus on two of them. We finally have almost everything out of the storage unit thanks to our friends Shane McCoy and Jimmy Fry. We took a trip with the Expedition, Gafford's parents van, Jimmy's truck, Shane's Toyota SUV and the church trailer and loaded up on Friday night. During our stay at the storage unit we discovered that Shane is truly the most efficient packer on the planet. He packed what would have taken us 2 trips with the trailer into only 1 trip. I asked him if he was hearing the music for Tetris in his head while he was packing, and he admitted that he does occasionally hear the music while he's working. So, the trailer was half full, and we then picked up the washer to move it to the trailer and look at what we found...

A 2 ft. or so garden snake slithered out from under the washer to the delight of most everyone at the unit, and we learned that Shane is quite the snake charmer with a hockey stick. Jimmy also took a turn at snake charming as he convinced the snake to latch on to the nearest pole Jimmy could find and he hurled the snake back into the wild jungles of Cottage Grove. We thought that we filled each of the holes in the storage unit pretty well, but I guess not quite well enough. Who knows, as we're unpacking boxes what glorious presents we will find that decided to make our belongings home for the past months.

Other than the fun with reptiles, we have been working on replacing the pedestal sink on the main floor. When we had the house inspected, we learned that the sink leaked and we dove in to see what needed to be fixed. Dad and Wayne got the ball rolling a couple of days ago, and after a few days of trying to find the problem we just decided to replace the sink altogether and put in a vanity. The vanity is in place and the sink is just outside the door at the moment, but I got to experience my first bit of plumbing. (David writing here by the way...) I had heard that "sweating copper" was a good bit of fun, so we decided to try and find another way to get plumbing where we needed it using flexible steel reinforced tubing. I must say that this stuff is the way to go! I don't know if you can plumb a whole house with it or not (i'm guessing not) but so much easier to work with when you're talking about lengths of 36 inches or less. We have the water hoses set and running into the new vanity and now we just need to pick out a fixture to finish out the ensemble. It looks great, but for starters, here is a picture of the recently disassembled sink.
That's it for now. We're off to embark on another renovation adventure! More to come!


Halls said...

That snake would've done me in for sure.

Russ and Karla Patterson said...

I cannot stop saying - ew!!!! Russ found your snake's brother crushed under our garage door yesterday! He said it was a little garter snake - I say it could have been a King Cobra!! EWWWW!!! Glad you found the "little pet" before getting it in your new house!