Monday, September 01, 2008

Renovation update #2

(Jeff Habel putting the final board in place in the master bedroom.
Thanks again for all your expertise!)
Finish wood floor in master bedroom.... check.
Finish priming the family room.... check.
Prime the basement.... check.
Remove hundreds of nails, tacks, staples, and pins from the walls... check.
Spackle living room, dining room, and 2 bedrooms.... check.
Paint the family room.... check.
Install ceiling fan and dining room chandelier... check.

We're pretty pooped. We better retire soon; tomorrow will be another full day. We're hoping to move the furniture in Wednesday evening. Sleep tight; we'll update more tomorrow.


Russ and Karla Patterson said...

As I read through this I thought of all the time, work and energy you are putting into this moving project - and thought how hard it would be to handle this and be teaching too. Wonder if this wasn't God's plan??? Which COULD mean there could be some sort of job at the end of the move??? I don't know - but God does! Praying for both of you during this fun but exhausting project! Love the pictures - flooring is beautiful!

TheGaffords said...

Yes, I've thought the same thing. Yesterday was the first day of school around here. That would be a whole lot happening all at once, wouldn't it? I've actually been a little relieved not to be going back to school this week (but also missing it a little as well).

jimmy&amie said...

wow, your floor looks great!!!