Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Adoption Chronicles- Volume 2: The Process

Technically we started the process for adoption #2 before we left Minnesota a year and a half ago.  But once we found out we would be moving, we pretty much hit the pause button before getting too far in the process.  After settling in to our new home and life here in Indiana, we got back on board and worked our way through our home study over the course of last summer.  Our home study was finished by the beginning of September and once we completed and submitted our profile books we were officially "on the market" and available to be chosen by potential birth mothers.

Those of you who walked Addison's adoption journey with us will remember how quick and "easy" it seemed.  We'd barely even made the decision to adopt and we'd already been connected with her birth parents.  We were matched pretty early in her pregnancy so the bulk of the wait was simply for her to finish "cooking".  Because of how smoothly that whole process went, we pretty much expected this second one to be the exact opposite.  We figured we'd have to wait for a long time before being matched.

We couldn't have been more surprised when we got the call within about 5 weeks that an expectant mother had chosen our profile and wanted to meet us.

Soon the time came for us to meet the birth parents.  The meeting went really well and it seemed to be a good match.  We were officially paired with that birthmother and our profiles became inactive.  By that point we had about 8 weeks until the baby was due.  Eight weeks to prepare, get excited, nurture a new relationship with the expectant mother, and try to tame our eager hearts, knowing that there are always risks when it comes to adoption.

Eventually those eight weeks passed by and the call came to head for the hospital for the delivery of a baby that was not meant to be ours.

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