Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Must See

My big project for Friday was finally putting the second coat of paint on in the dining room so we can unpack and finish that room. I was half-way through with cutting in (prior to rolling) when I realized I was going to need a reward to work for. This was my umteenth time painting and my painting muscles were tired. I would need a little more than the sense of accomplishment and completion to keep me going that day. Earlier in the week, I'd seen Regis and Kelly interview Ricky Gervais about a movie I'd never heard anything about, called "Ghost Town." The 30 second clip they played had me laughing already and I decided immediately that this was a movie that I would enjoy. So on Friday, as I was painting, I "asked" David if he would take me to a movie if I finished the dining room. Suddenly I had something bigger to work towards: a night of entertainment:-)

Here we were in a theater with no more than 15 other people on opening night for "Ghost Town," wondering if we'd made a mistake in our movie choice. Did the rest of the movie watchers know something we didn't? I'm afraid it was the other way around my friends, because this movie was hilarious. We both laughed so hard (me a little more than David, I admit) that it actually produced a tear in my right eye at one point. I've needed a good laugh for some time now, and this did the trick.

You can view a trailer here and find out more about the movie for yourself. I don't usually publicly recommend movies because I don't want to be blamed if you don't like it, but I'm pretty confident that if you like comedies (of the cleaner variety), you will enjoy this movie.


Russ and Karla Patterson said...

Thanks for the movie info - it DOES look funny!! I can't remember the last movie we went to see - but this will probably be the next!

Looking forward to all your pictures too!

The Hofer Fam said...

Mike and I went to see that movie last Friday too. It was hilarious. We love that guy...we follow most of the things that he does. Glad you guys thought it was great too.
The Hofers