Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Renovation update #3

David posting here because the rest of the team is already in bed. I went to work today while mom, dad, and Melissa toiled endlessly here at home. They tackled the final coats of paint in the family room and the living room, sanded and prepped the dining room that needed spackle on 50% or more of the wall from wallpaper remnants, and much more.

When we started prepping the dining room, I noticed that the walls were a little strange on the bottom half, and upon further inspection we determined that a prior tenant tore the wallpaper off of the wall, and in doing so also tore all of the paper off of the drywall in the process. They then just painted the raw drywall instead of the smooth paper and left us a mess to clean up when we tried to smooth out the wall. I believe that yesterday dad took about 3 hours to spackle the dining room, and another 3 hours to sand it back down to a flat surface today.

Dave and Melissa Belford come and blessed us with their presence and painted the rec room in the basement in a record 2 hour time period. As I type this, i'm sitting in front of the family room wall looking at our first finished room, and it's starting to feel like home. As I look into the kitchen and see the mess that we get to clean up before we start moving in tomorrow, I realize that I am going to need an early start in the morning to get this all finished in time, so I am out. Moving day tomorrow! If you're in the area, give me a call if you know how! If you don't, just lift your furniture and move it around your house a few times to feel like you helped out for the evening. :)

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