Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Renovation update #4

What a day! We got an unbelievable amount done, but boy are we exhausted. We had many helpers throughout the day working on a variety of things. I'm not sure if I can remember everything, but I'll try. Dave and Melissa Belford (our name twins) came first thing this morning to put the second coat of paint in the basement. They did an awesome job and that room looks completely different now. It still needs new carpet and other miscellaneous things, but the paint made a huge difference. About the same time, Dan and Marcie Berglund arrived and spent most of the day with us; Dan helping David bring trailer-loads of our belongings in from the various locations that they've been stored, and Marcie assisting in painting, priming, and sanding. Here is Marcie working on sanding the "pink room" (soon to be blue room).

Bev Whitney helped unpack some kitchen boxes and assisted Mom Gafford and Emily Mueller in the two coats of primer that were required in the dining room (below). Emily stayed busy priming, because she was later assigned to the pink room to throw two more coats of primer on the walls.
Later in the afternoon, Jonathan Haage joined David, Dan, and Dad Gafford in moving boxes, etc. We took a break around 5:30 for pizza and then the "real" fun began. Erik Fair, Bryan Mueller, Pastor Henry, Jillayne Berg, and Stu and Sadie Johnson joined to move at least 4 more loads from the storage unit. Here are the guys maneuvering the chest of drawers up the stairway to the master bedroom.

At the end of the evening we all collapsed on our couches and recliners, which was a big upgrade from the lawn chairs we've been sitting in since last Thursday. And I'm pleased to share that I'm typing this blog from our bed, which is actually more than just a mattress on the floor (like it's been since last Thursday). It's starting to finally feel like home. I think even Allie is beginning to realize this fact. Doesn't she look cozy snuggled up on top of the bed? Home sweet home at last!

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