Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gardening and Small group

My back hurts. I spent the whole day working on landscaping. Melissa Belford joined me bright and early this morning and we started with a run to Lowes and Gertens for some plants and limestone. We got the front garden all cleaned up, repositioned and planted. Unfortunately we underestimated how much limestone we'd need to get for the walkway. I'll have to go back and get more in order to complete our currently dead-end walkway. Melissa left around lunch time to go to work and I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing a few more things in the front and planting in the back garden. Basically, there was a large landscaped area in the front and the back with perennials already existing. Both gardens needed cleaned up, many things needed to get pulled and trashed or pulled and divided, or pulled and put somewhere else. Some things from the back moved to the front, and vise versa. I'll have to post pictures after I finish the front walkway.

We had our monthly small group social tonight (we do a study 3 weeks, and social on the last week of the month). This was our first official small group gathering at the new house, though most of the group had already been here at some point helping us move and work on projects. We grilled pizzas (of course!) and they were delicious. It was a cool evening, so we were glad to also have a bonfire going in the back yard.

We've posted it here before, but if you're new to our blog and haven't read about our grilled pizzas before, you can get the recipe here. It's always a crowd pleaser.


Jess said...

You've been tagged! Since you've been updating regularly, I thought you might participate. Check out my site for the rules! ;-)

Doreen said...

I miss those delicious pizza's from you guys! I will have to try the recipe sometime.

Kim and Joel said...

Sorry I haven't checked blogs in forever! It was fun to read through your recent ones and catch up. The pictures of your house are AMAZING! LOVE IT! Glad you were able to get a mini vacation too!