Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Reflections

I remember as though it was yesterday, sitting in Grandma Liddick's dining room on December 31, 1996, commenting to my cousin Kristen about how sad I was to say goodbye to 1996. 1996 had been a good year for me. It had been my senior year in high school, I'd had the lead in the school musical, I graduated and went off to college (which I loved). 1996 had brought me a lot of joy and I worried that 1997 would not be so kind.

I do not share those same feelings as I bid farewell to 2008. I'm relieved to finally be done with this year and hopeful that 2009 will maybe make up for the year before. You wouldn't know it by only reading our blog, but 2008 has brought us a lot of disappointment and heartache. Most of these things have been very personal and private and therefore have not been shared in this venue. Just know that it's been a tough year.

2008 has been one tough cookie. And she wouldn't go out silently; she had to have the last word. Here on the very last day of 2008, as I type this, my husband and father-in-law are out in -5 degrees (actual temperature- I just looked it up on trying to change the tire that just blew out on the truck. This is typical 2008 fashion.

Lord, have mercy on us in 2009 and give me a little dose of that joy I remember from 1996. I've had plenty of joy since '96, but that was a year that seemed to ooze with joy. I want the kind of joy that oozes.


Jess said...

Hey, Mel! It's been an interesting year for us, as well, to say the least. What's your e-mail? Or do you have facebook, yet? I could message you there. Let me know: jess AT stevansheets DOT com

Bummer about the tire. I'm glad David's dad was there to help David so he didn't have to do it alone. There's comfort in having family near during rough times (even if they're only visiting like our families have to do). I've always appreciated my family, but there's a whole new meaning to the word, 'appreciate,' now.

Praying for you guys! Hang in there.

Love ya,


Trina said...

Someone I know has a theory that odd years are typically better for people than even years. This year will be your year. I know it! I'll be sure to keep praying for oozing joy for you. One can never have enough oozing joy.

Matt said...

love you girlfriend, and really do miss you like crazy~

Russ and Karla Patterson said...

May God Bless and keep you and David in a special way this year!

The Hofer Fam said...

To my best friend-
I believe that and have prayed that you and David will have a great year in 2009. You definately deserve a great one. I miss you with all my heart and hope that we may see each other in this new year.
With much love-

Halls said...

I think it has been a hard year for most people but I am sure in different ways. I know I don't want to remember 2008 but the only thing that I am hoping is that God has taught me how to rely on Him even more. May God Bless you and David in the year of 2009 and bring more joy to each and every person!

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you even when I'm not. Dad and I are so proud of you and David. Though you would never wish to repeat 2008, you are better for having endured it. I daily pray for the Lord to bless you far beyond all your hopes and dreams.
Love you!

angie said...

Love you Melissa. I too hope your year oozes. We're all in need of the ooze.

Kim and Joel said...

Praying for you two that 2009 is an amazing, blessed year that does ooze with that same joy and excitement as you have felt in the past.