Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leadership Community

On the second Saturday of every other month we do something called Leadership Community at church. This is an opportunity to bring all of the people who lead in our church together to celebrate what they're doing, encourage them, and continue to train and equip them in their various areas of volunteering. It's always a very fun and exciting atmosphere and gives the band an opportunity to play some music that they don't usually get to play. For instance, this month Leadership Community opened with the band playing "Eye of the Tiger" while our youth pastor Tim announced all of the new leaders in a way only a youth pastor can do. (Except for that time that Pastor Henry filled in for him. That was definitely a close second). So, Leadership Community always starts with a pump-up-the-crowd, get everyone excited kind of instrumental song like that. We've also started a tradition of rewriting an existing song to create kind of a new leader/volunteer parody song. This has been fun to do, but I will admit after you do it a few times, people grow to expect and anticipate what you'll come up with next. There's a little pressure there! You can read the lyrics to this month's new leader song, "Viva la Volunteer" on Pastor Henry's blog here.

If after reading the lyrics to "Viva la Volunteer" you have an idea for another song we can parody, post a comment. Sometimes coming up with the perfect song is half the battle. Once I've got the song picked out, I usually only need a couple of hours, the original lyrics, and my rhyming dictionary to get the job done. The next Leadership Community is not for 2 more months, so there's time. Share your ideas!

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Trina said...

How about Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi? or Pour Some Sugar on Me? I have no idea what you could turn them into, but they have lots of words that rhyme!