Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend of Entertaining: Part 3

This afternoon/evening we had our annual Worship Arts Christmas open house for all of our volunteers at the Woodbury and Hudson campuses. This was our first time doing it on a Sunday afternoon; I think in the past we've done it on a Friday night. I feel like it was easier on us with the new time, but attendance seemed to be down a little from past years. I'm not sure if that's due to the time/day change or because of the yucky weather. Either way, we had a great time visiting with those who were here. It's such a nice opportunity to get to know some of our volunteers a little better, and also meet some spouses that we'd not been able to meet before (and maybe thought were just fiction! :-) As tradition holds, we seemed to have more food leftover at the end of the night than we started with. Hopefully we can pawn some of the leftovers off on our small groupies on Tuesday night!

(The Lord multiplied our loaves and fish. These are some of our leftovers.)
We got a kick out of this. We've mentioned our name twins, Dave and Melissa Belford before. They brought us a little gift tonight, but it totally looks like we gave it to ourselves:-)

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Keri Early said...

Hey Melissa! Just checking in on some old IWU friends tonight. Looks like you are busy, busy! Things are good, but very cold and snowy here. My brother and his family just arrived in town from Marion. He works at IWU now. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!