Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random things and snow

We just got home from what felt like a pretty long day. We started at church at noon for rehearsal for our upcoming Christmas eve services. We'll do 2 services on Tuesday, 3 services in Woodbury on Wednesday, followed by 1 more at our Hudson campus in the evening. So at noon we fed our volunteers a lunch of Sloppy Joe's from the Famous Dave's cookbook and got right to work rehearsing music. David took the band in the worship center and I took the vocalists in another room. We finished with about 10 minutes to spare before it was time to shift gears and rehearse for this weekend's services. That of course lead right into our 4:30 service. After church we went out to dinner at Yang's with some fellow small groupies, Stu and Sadie. In an effort to get them to start blogging, we told them we'd blog about them:-)

After our long, slow drive home we discovered what we'd pretty much expected: a very snowy driveway. It's been snowing pretty heavily and consistently all day. Our new rule this winter is that we won't drive on the snow before first trying to clear the driveway. In the past we've been a bit lazy with this and tend to pack the snow down with our tire tracks. So when we got home, since I had my snowboots on, I walked down the edge of the driveway, grabbed the shovel, shoveled a path back down the driveway right to David's door so he could walk down the path (still in nice pants and shoes from church) back to the house. I know, I know, it sounds like I'm a pretty nice wife doing that, but trust me, David got the short end of the stick because he then had to change, put his own boots on, and snowblow the rest of the driveway. I did make him a cup of hot cocoa, though:-)

(This was the view from the garage looking down my shoveled path to David's truck still sitting in the road.)

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