Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A crazy coincidence

Mom and Dad Liddick flew home yesterday. Since the Mall of America is right across the street from the airport, we decided to head that direction a few hours early and catch a movie (Valkyrie) before dropping them off. David dropped us off at the door and left to go park. Unfortunately, 1) there were no parking spots to be had, and 2) he left his phone at home so we kind of lost track of him for a while. We tried to stay put at the door where he'd dropped us off trusting that he would eventually find his way back to us. We sent Dad up to the theater to get tickets and keep an eye out for David upstairs while Mom and I continued to wait by the entrance. We must have been waiting for at least 15 minutes before we finally saw a familiar face walk through the door. It was accompanied by another familiar face. Neither face belonged to my husband, but both faces mildly resembled him. David's parents walked in! They had been driving up to join us that evening and since they'd arrived a little early (knowing that we'd soon be leaving to take my parents to the airport) they decided to go play at the mall for a while. Of ALL the doors they could have walked through, they just happened to walk through the one we'd been waiting by because David just happened to not be able to find a spot there. We were still sitting there waiting 15 minutes after being dropped off because David just happened to not be able to find a spot until getting to the roof of the parking garage on the other side of the mall (this region of the parking garage was rightly named Alaska). David finally found his way to us not even 2 minutes after his parents walked in. It was just funny how if the slightest thing had happened differently, we may not have ever known that we were all at the same mall. Isn't it cool when God works those neat little surprises out for us?

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