Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day

 On Christmas morning we wondered if Addison was ever going to wake up.  She's not an early riser by any stretch, but slept a good hour past her average wake-up time and didn't get up until 9:25.  And even at that time I finally gave up and woke her myself.   She came out of her room and immediately noticed the missing cookies and milk on the mantle and that the "socks" hanging below had been filled.  Even though breakfast was waiting, we let her open up her stocking first.  After that we sat down to a breakfast of Christmas tree waffles.

Daddy decided that all of Addison's princesses needed some princes.  What better princes than Star Wars guys!

Now that she knows how to spell her name, she eagerly inspected every tag.  "It says A-D-D-I-S-O-N!  That means it's for me!

There came a point when Addison became more interested in Allie's new pet bed than her own presents.  Especially when she opened up her new Rapunzel blanket...

She opened about 1/2 of her presents from this very spot.

 Notice that these aren't the jammies that she woke up in.  As soon as she opened these up, she changed into these all by herself.  The tutu was an add-on even later.

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