Thursday, January 17, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a young princess named Cinderella.  She was invited to a royal ball.  But she needed a beautiful dress and a crown to wear.  So her fairy godmother came to help.  She waved her magic wand and suddenly the fair princess was dressed in a lovely gown.

 "But I need a horse and carriage to take me to the ball," explained Cinderella.

 So her fairy godmother waved her wand again.

Cinderella could hardly believe her eyes.

There before her was a fine carriage and horse ready to take her to the ball.

Her fairy godmother had even provided a driver for the carriage!

Off they went to the royal ball.

As Cinderella left the carriage to walk into the castle, her driver reminded her that she would have to return before the clock strikes 12.

The princess had a lovely time at the ball, but time passed all too quickly.  It was already time for her to leave.

 On her way out and down the stairs, Cinderella "accidentally" left behind one of her glass slippers.

There was no time to return for it.  The spell was nearly worn off.

 Before long, with Cinderella's help, the young prince/carriage driver found the lost slipper.

 She tried it on her foot and it fit!

Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after!

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