Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Liddick

Even though we'd technically already celebrated Christmas 2012 with my parents back in July , we were excited when they suggested returning for a visit the week between Christmas and New Years.  We were expecting some bad weather so they made the drive on Christmas day to beat the storm.  We were happy to have extra mouths to share our big Christmas dinner with.

The storm did indeed come the next morning.  It snowed quite heavily for several hours and was terribly windy.  It would have certainly been a challenge to drive through if they had waited.  Coming from Minnesota for the past six years, I will say it was difficult for us to call it a blizzard even though that was the word that the storm had been given by the locals.

Just for comparison's sake... Look how deep this snow was...

 And this is how deep it was in Minnesota 2 Christmases ago...

And finally, here's Grandpa reading Addison a bedtime story.  Thank you for coming to visit, Grandma and Grandpa!  We had a fabulous time with you!

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