Saturday, March 14, 2009


I haven't posted anything in a while... So sorry.

So, I went back to work a couple of weeks ago. That's been an adjustment for me; I got kind of used to staying up late/sleeping in, and having lots of time on my hands! In spite of being a lot more tired, it feels good working again. The first few days were a little rough. I'm teaching first grade right now and the kids had gotten a little out of shape management-wise before I arrived. In addition to being very pregnant, their teacher was quite sick with a sinus infection for the last few weeks so they'd had several subs in and out and a teacher that just plain didn't feel well so probably wasn't as strict as she would have been otherwise... After a few days of "Go back to your desks; we'll have to try lining up again. This time do it without talking," they finally figured out what I expected and this was a much better week! I'm also growing a little more familiar with my surroundings which is helping. I started out wasting a lot of my prep time looking for something that I needed, not even really knowing what I was looking for. It's a lot easier when you know exactly what you have in your own classroom and exactly where to find it. So anyway, I'm enjoying my time there and have been encouraged. I know that I did not lose my job at New Life Academy for anything that I did wrong or didn't do right, but regardless of the circumstances losing your job for any reason does affect your self esteem and confidence in your ability to do that job well. Getting this job has encouraged me and assured me that teaching is where I'm supposed to be and it's something that I'm good at. I needed that.

Other than that, David's been wonderful speaking my love language of "Acts of Service," helping ease the load as I transition back to working full time. Last Monday on his day off he planned the week's menu and did the grocery shopping all by himself. And then he went on to cook dinner for me... more than once this week! What a great guy!

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The Hofer Fam said...

I never doubted that you are a great teacher!!!! I knew it from the day I helped you color all of those projects :):):)!! Miss you.