Monday, March 30, 2009

The Free Ticket Fairy Strikes Again!

We've lived in the Twin Cities for 2 years and 10 months now and in that time, the Free Ticket Fairy has been very kind to us. We've been to 2 Twins games, 1 Timberwolves game (when they still were good), 3 Wild hockey games, 1 play, and now one concert at the Xcel Center... all free of charge. Our great friends Dan and Angie invited us to accompany them to the Chris Tomlin concert last night. Dan had been given the tickets by the local Christian radio station as a token of thanks for agreeing to direct a mass choir for a Michael W. Smith concert this fall. KTIS was very kind to Dan because our seats were incredible! Right in the second row, just feet from the stage.

Israel Houghton and New Breed opened for Tomlin and they were fantastic. I would have been happy with just them. Tomlin's concert was great of course, and we were pleasantly surprised to notice that Christy Nockels had joined up with him for this concert.
We met up early for dinner at the infamous Mickey's Diner.
Notice I'm standing on my tiptoes so as not to look so short. Real effective, huh?


the lambs said...

I was trying to keep my jealousy to a minimum that you all were there, until I read that Christy Nockels was there too. I AM TOTALLY JEALOUS!! In a good way, of course!

Keri Early said...

Hey Melissa! Chris Tomlin . . . fun! A few of my friends went to his concert a few weeks ago when it was in the Chicago area. Caribbean Beach was great! We were at Jamaica. It was nice to get get a taste of spring too! Hope school is going well for you! Loved the CD fish!

angie leverence said...

Sorry should have been jealous it was an awesome concert. Seriously...I'm still thinking about it from time to time!