Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Phone calls

Today is January 14, right? It's not May 1st; my birthday. I kind of wondered because the only day of the year that I ever get so many of these nice calls all on the same day, it's usually my birthday.

Today, for no reason at all, both of my brothers and my cousin Kristen called me. Well, actually my younger brother Matt had a reason. Matt and Brianne found out today that they're having a boy. I hope he looks like Matt when he was a baby (see picture below). He sure was a roley-poley little guy; we tease him now that all his baby pictures look like Chris Farley. I told Matt today that I always giggle a little when I see his baby pictures. He didn't think that was a really great compliment. I don't know why:-)

Anyway, it's always a pleasant surprise to hear from any of the three of them. We don't talk nearly enough. But for all three to call me on the same day, when it's not even close to my birthday... that made me feel pretty special. So thanks, Mike, Matt, and Kristen for brightening my day a little and giving me a warm fuzzy in this frozen tundra.

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The Hofer Fam said...

I love you! Hope to talk to you more often