Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeding Starving Children

We fed starving children in Tajikistan tonight with our small group!

First, we took one level scoop of vitamin packed, vegetarian chicken seasoning,

and one heaping spoon of dehydrated veggies,

add one level cup of soy (for protein),

and one cup of rice,

put them all in a bag like this...

weighed the bag like this (to make sure it weighs between 380-400 grams),

sealed it up like this...

counted the bags of food up until we had 18 piles of 2 (otherwise known as 36), and boxed them up!

Then it was time to clean...

If you're lucky you may walk away with a hairnet mark on your forehead.

There were a total of 71 volunteers working tonight. 16 were from our small group. Together we filled 101 boxes, each holding 36 bags of food, each bag providing 6-1 cup meals, giving us a total of 21,816 meals, feeding 59 children for an entire year.

Here's 1/3 of our accomplishment, ready to be shipped.

Tonight was a couple of hours very well spent! We made a big difference in 59 kid's lives and had a lot of fun in the process.


angie said...


Halls said...

That is awesome! How did you get connected with something like that? Sounds interesting.

Bryan and Emily said...

Darn cold. I really wish I could have been there!

Melissa said...

There are 2 Feed My Starving Children locations in the Twin Cities. The Christian school that I used to work at takes classes for field trips quite often. That was my first FMSC experience last year with my 3rd graders. Also, it's one of the local opportunities that our church promotes. We're going to be hosting a huge "Feed" event in May at the church where we'll bring FMSC to us for the whole weekend. We're planning on raising enough money and volunteers to feed 500 kids for a year.

Kim and Joel said...

Very cool! We did something similar here in Chicago. It's a great thing. Thanks for feeding the children.