Saturday, August 02, 2008

Poor Allie

Poor little Allie gave us a scare this morning. I was in the bedroom packing and I heard her give a little half-cough. I looked over at her just in time to see her collapse on her back and seize up. I called for David to come up. After about 20 seconds she tried to get up but was having a difficult time walking. As soon as David rounded the corner, it startled her and she ran into the next room with her tail between her legs. He got a hold of her and she was shaking and acting very strange. So we loaded her into the car and took her to the Emergency animal clinic. She laid very still the whole drive to the clinic, which is highly unusual for her. We were there for a bit over an hour. By the time we left, her vitals were looking good, though she was still unusually calm and sleepy. The vet said that it sounds like she did have a seizure, but there's no way of knowing really what caused it. Apparently epilepsy is something that shows up in dogs around her age. Though it could be just some fluke thing. We'll just have to wait to see if and when it happens again. Oh goodie; something to look forward to. As soon as we left the vet, she proceeded to throw up twice in the parking lot, once in the car (on a rag), and once on the front steps of our house. Now she's just sleeping and resting. She does seem to have perked up a bit in the last hour or so. Now we'll be paranoid to leave her alone.

We really did not need more drama in our lives right now. We've currently got more than enough. I'm just relieved that she seems to be alright. She had us worried there for a while.


the lambs said...

You guys, gee-ma-nee! I'm glad that her vitals are good and it could be a fluke.

Did I ever tell about the time I dog sat for a couple when we lived in Aurora? Their dog had a history of seizures, but the owners didn't tell me. We became good friends with their vet. =) Chiquito is still doing great, he just has infrequent epileptic episodes. There was another medical condition for a separate vet visit that same week that you'll have to ask me about sometime. I can't remember if I told you.

The Claar Family said...

How's Allie? Our dog Jake used to have seizures if he hit his head. He would go chasing after his toys after we'd throw them and occasionally crash into the corner of a doorway or a table leg...scary sight. I hope things have gotten better for your doggy :)

TheGaffords said...

She's doing just fine now. We haven't had any new episodes, thank goodness. Hopefully it'll just be a one-time thing.