Friday, August 22, 2008

Allie's new boyfriend

Normally living in someone else's house is pretty tough for Allie. We're real strict with which rooms she can go in and are always really nervous about her sneaking through an open door and getting loose outside. But I think this stay at the Berg's might rank as one of her favorites now that she's met the neighbor's beagle, Bailey. Bailey has a nice big fenced back yard and they spent about 20 minutes tonight chasing each other up and down the whole length. Allie hasn't had a fenced-in yard to run free in for a couple of years now so she was in dog heaven. Bailey thought Allie was pretty hot stuff and was a little extra interrested in Allie, but she played hard-to-get quite well. She made him really work to keep up with her. I tried to take some pictures of them, but they didn't stay still for very long. There's only one picture that's not blurry, when they were walking away from getting a drink. Now every time we take her out to go to the bathroom, she looks over to Bailey's yard to see if her boyfriend is out. Puppy love is so adorable.
(By the way, if you can't tell who's who, Allie's the one with more black)

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