Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feed My Starving Children

This week our small group did a service project at Feed My Starving Children. I took my students for a "field trip" earlier this year, and David went with the church staff a couple of months ago, but we hadn't been together yet. We had a great turn out from the group. Almost everyone was able to make it. Here's a picture of our group. We were pretty proud of our pyramid...

Basically, at FMSC, they have about 8 stations set up where teams of people work together to mix and package bags of food to send to starving children around the world. Each bag gets one scoop of vegetarian chicken flavoring packed with all the essential vitamins, one heaping scoop of dehydrated vegetables, one cup of soy, and one cup of rice. Then each bag is weighed, sealed, and packed in a box. Each box holds 36 bags (each bag provides 6 meals) and our group was able to pack 20 boxes in the hour and a half that we worked.

We had a fun night together, and it's always really satisfying at the end of the night when they tell you how many children you helped feed for a year. They always cook a sample bag of food for the workers to taste when they've finished. It's not bad. Basically.... it tastes like chicken.


Cami said...

Hey Dave and Melissa! How are you guys doing? My small group is also doing fmsc next week. They just opened one up in Chicago area. I am excited about it! Can I get a updated phone number for you guys? I asked Dave a while back on facebook but never got one:(:( Lori and Steve said they've been able to visit with you guys and have had a great time. They came out to see us not too long ago.
Love you! Cami

TheGaffords said...

That's cool, Cami. I didn't know they had locations outside of the Twin Cities. What's your email address and I'll send you our phone numbers. Good to hear from you!