Thursday, August 02, 2007

Disney Memory #2:

(This is out of sequence because I was hoping to post a picture with it, but I'm not having any luck. I may have to just add it later if I ever get access to the picture.)

It seemed as though Disney was bombarded with tour groups from South America this past week. Everywhere we turned there was another tour group all wearing the same color, following someone carrying a little flag. We didn’t usually mind until a group of 80 got in line just as we were approaching the ride. Many of them often got into the “single rider” line to try to speed up their wait. During our second time riding Test Track a young girl from Brazil (maybe 10 or 11) ended up sitting on the other side of David in our car (because she was a single rider). He tried to make small talk with her before the ride started but she didn’t speak English. However as soon as the ride began and our car climbed a bit of a hill, this poor little girl grabbed David’s arm with both of her arms and held on to him for dear life through the entire ride. I laughed so hard; poor David didn’t know what to do! He just kept trying to cheer for her and say encouraging things to her (even though she didn’t seem to speak English). The greatest part is that Test Track is one of those rides where they take your picture, so we have documentation of David with a different girl on his arm!

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matt and joelle said...

Cant' wait to see this picture:)....I can see the look on his face now-