Sunday, July 29, 2007

Disney memory #3:

(Yes, I realize I skipped #2. I'll have to come back to it; I'm still working on the picture to go along with it...)

Tuesday night we were standing along Mainstreet U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom waiting for the light parade. It was the second parade of the night (post fireworks). I was watching David watch something on my iPod when I heard a little girl speaking to me. I looked down and saw a little 4 or 5 year old version of Cinderella (courtesy of the Bibbidy-Bobbidy Boutique) asking me if I’d seen a mom or a grandma. I kneeled down to her and asked her if she’d lost her mommy and she said yes. I just kept calmly asking her questions to try to keep her from freaking out with fear. She was very brave. She explained that they had been taking pictures at Cinderella’s castle and now she can’t find her. She was able to tell me mommy’s hair color and the color of her shirt. I took her hand and told her I would help her find Mommy and Grandma. David was able to track down a Disney employee who was able to take little Gabby and connect her with her mom again. I was very relieved when we spotted them together in the distance. Afterwards David was just so baffled and perplexed how she just happened to pick me out of that crowd. That even though I hadn’t even noticed her standing there, she found me and immediately trusted me to hold her hand and help her. I don’t know what she sensed in me, but I’m glad she did; I’m glad I had the opportunity to help her remain calm in a scary situation like getting lost in a huge crowd of people in the dark at Disney World.

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The Claar Family said...

I'm glad you could be her angel! Also, gotta second the "jealous" comment from the last blog. There's no place like Disney, but we vowed not to go back until the youngest child can walk - no strollers on buses ever again! :)
I am guessing we'd be willing to negotiate should the opportunity present itself, though! Glad you had such great and memorable experiences!
~Amy Claar