Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fun with Dangie!

We spent Sunday evening with Dan and Angie. We took Allie over to socialize with Maestro and Mini (I think Maestro has a bit of a crush...) and we adults had a nice dinner of shrimp and crab legs (YUM!) Afterwards we dragged Angie to the bowling alley and bowled a couple of games. They have a really nice new bowling alley in Blaine that is complete with a rather large arcade area that we played in for a while on our way out. It was a fun evening, as always, with the Leverences!

Dan and Angie are picking out their prizes for our ski-ball winnings!


Robin said...

Looks like fun! Sometimes I wish I could be cool enough to live in Minnesota . . . :-) It's funny how I know all of you, but from every different times in my life. Dan from college, and you two from Lakeview. Ah, good times.

matt and joelle said...

Bowling Melissa??????What is happening to yu??????
Not what I pictured when you said you were doing better in the twin city visitng places:)

There's a light at the end of this tunnel said...

Just call me Jealous Joanie.

dan said...

How very exciting. We had a GREAT time (as always) with you guys! See you soon!