Saturday, July 28, 2007

Disney memory #1:

On Monday we spent the day at Epcot Center. We’d remembered from our last trip that GM’s Test Track was a very fun ride so that was where we started our day. Almost as soon as we joined the line, a family from behind us asked if we’d ever been on it and was wondering if it would be too scary/intense for them. They were a family of three from Liverpool, England and mom and 13-year-old daughter weren’t very ambitious when it came to the rides. David and I talked them into riding and enjoyed the next 20 minutes or so in line visiting and getting to know them. I got such a kick out of their favorite American products (Oreos, Krispy Kreme’s, endless varieties of Cheerios…). The thing that amazed me the most was that they LOVED our American accents. The mom kept saying that she thought their accent was so boring and wished she had an American accent. I never imagined that anyone from England would feel that way! Fortunately they ended up agreeing with our ride review and loved it so much we all went right back through the line together to ride it a second time. It was fun to meet such a friendly family; it made the time waiting in line go a lot faster!

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the lambs said...

Jealous! Test Track is a blast, especially the drive around the track outside.