Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Highlights

 Aside from Addison having a cold for 2+ weeks then sharing it with Ethan and myself, we've had a pretty good month here in the Gafford house.  Ethan learned how to roll over a couple of weeks ago and that's really helped improve his night time sleep habits.  It used to be that he'd wake up several times a night needing re-swaddled or repositioned.  But now he's pretty consistently sleeping from 8 pm until at least 6 am, if not later.  I'm certainly appreciating complete sleep cycles again.  He's growing like a weed.  He just turned 5 months old a few days ago and he's pushing 19 pounds and on the verge of changing his wardrobe over to 12 month clothes.
 He likes to hold his own bottle now.  Although his aim isn't always that great when he yanks it out of his mouth and has to put it back in.  So we usually still have to help him hold it.

 His big sister still adores him.  And he adores her right back. 

He could practically spend his entire day in his jumparoo.  This kid is going to have incredibly strong legs because he jumps the entire time he's in there.  And when I say jump, I mean jump.

 Except for when he wears himself out and needs to take a quick nap...

We can't forget Addison.  She had a burst of creative energy one day (right after she started feeling better after being sick for a couple of weeks) and designed and built her own airplane.  She even asked me to draw a clock on the dash so she would know what time it was. 

 These guys are all ready for Christmas.  Only 25 more days to go!

 Five month pictures

We spent Thanksgiving Day up at Grandma and Grandpa Gafford's house.  Grandpa's such a good sport playing princesses with Addison.

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Amy said...

What great family photos! I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Christmas season.