Saturday, July 20, 2013

Addison Gafford, Big Sister Extraordinaire!

 Prior to Ethan's birth, Addison didn't know a whole lot of specifics as to what her future would potentially hold.  It's a real challenge to adequately prepare your preschooler for a new sibling without possibly breaking their heart if and when the specifics don't end up happening when and how you'd told them.  So our preparation consisted of praying nightly for Jesus to give us a baby brother or a baby sister, for the baby to be healthy and strong, and for the baby's birth mother to take good care of the baby.  In between there were pretty generic conversations about what kind of things she could do to help "someday" when Jesus gives us a baby.  Even when we knew the gender of the baby (both times) we did our best to keep our talks gender neutral, just in case.

As soon as the adoption paperwork was all signed at the hospital, the first thing we did was step outside to call Addison who had been staying at Grandma and Grandpa Gafford's house.  She didn't really know where we were or why we weren't together and it didn't really concern her.  She loved to occasionally spend the night at their house without us so it wasn't all that out of the ordinary.  Our phone conversation, though much longer, went something like this:

Us:  Addison we have a surprise for you.
A:  What is it?
Us:  What have you been praying to Jesus for?
A:  A baby
Us:  Guess what!  Jesus gave us a baby brother!
A:  (Squeals loudly)  Is a baby brother a girl?
Us:  No a baby brother is a boy.
A:  (Squeals again)  I'm going to name him David!
Us:  Mommy and Daddy picked a different name.  His name is Ethan.
A: Ephan!  I love him.  Can I come home now and see my baby?
Us:  Well Mommy and Daddy are at the hospital getting baby Ethan because that's where he was born.  We need you to go shopping with Grandma and Grandpa to buy some clothes for Ethan and you can bring them home with you tomorrow.  Ok?
A:  Ok!  Can I get him a crown?
Us:  Crowns are for princesses.
A:  No,he can be a prince!
(etc. etc. etc.)

That is a phone call I don't think I will ever forget.  We're so thankful we had grandpa take a video of her end of the conversation.  Completely precious.

Grandma and Grandpa brought Addison home the next day and she was able to meet Ethan in person for the first time.  It was love at first sight.  I find it rather funny that if we ask her to do something that is at all related to Ethan's things or needs she will do it immediately, no questions asked.  However, if it doesn't have to do with Ethan, that's another story entirely...

For days after coming home she would look at him and say "This is just what I always wanted.  We prayed for a long time for a baby."  She doesn't love sharing mom and dad's attention so much, but she sure loves the little boy she's sharing it with.

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